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This hour long podcast with Karen Litzy, PT of Healthy, Wealthy & Smart summarizes the textbook “Fostering Creativity In Rehabilitation”. Many practical insights into how to prime one’s self for creative emergence in your rehabilitation practice.




Writing Books For Authors in July 2015 APTA PT in Motion magazine sharing practical insights for authoring books for the public by PT’s. Here’s the article: Physical Therapist Authors July 2015.




washington post senior yoga pic 2014YogaClock

Yoga for Seniors in The Washington Post August 18, 2014.  A nice article by Carol Krucoff where she cites Dr. Taylor’s expertise in senior yoga and tips for participation. Click here to read.


matt integrative medicine_PT in motion 2014


Integrative Medicine in PT  PT in Motion  July 2014   

A nice article for PT’s with action steps. Here’s the here.



PTTalker Podcast follow up Interview with Jeff Worrell on MindBody Rehab and the Future of Rehabilitation

pt talker 2 partThis 18 min interview nicely revisits the next evolution of Matt’s work and vision for how PT needs to change and examples of how it is changing at DSR. You can download to your MP3 player to listen later as well. Thanks Jeff!


Professional Prospectives Ohio APTA September 2011  ohio access

Matt shares his concerns and vision for the opportunities in rehabilitation given what we are learning about the complexities of pain and movement in a 11/2 page article titled, “So It’s Complex…Now What?”. Read the article here.


View Points in PT in Motion  July 2010viewpoint

A single page perspective arguing that the current emphasis on fitness in the PT profession is misdirected and unsustainable. Our leadership needs to be in rehabilitation. PT in Motion is the monthly newsmagazine of the APTA and is shipped to over 90,000 members. For more on the article email to viewpoints@matthewjtaylor.com . Taylor M. Viewpoints: Emphasis on Fitness Is a Leap in the Wrong Direction. PT in Motion 2010;2(6):8.


Focus on Our Last Name: Therapy        Private Practice Section’s IMPACT July 2010

impactbanner0710Twice the word count and more fully explained argument to challenge conventional thinking than the Viewpoints article above.      Read it here.

Taylor, MJ “Focus on Our Last Name: Therapy” IMPACT, APTA Private Practice , July. p. 44-47, 2010.


PTTalker Podcast 2-part Interview with Jeff Worrell on MindBody Rehab and the Future of Rehabilitationpodcast_PT Talker

These two 13 min interviews nicely summarize Matt’s work and vision for how PT needs to change and examples of how it is changing at DSR. You can download to your MP3 player to listen later as well. Thanks Jeff!


MatthewJTaylor_NewslineCoverNEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & Physical Therapy Assistants April 2010

A very nice feature on Matt’s perspective and the DSR Method. See here for the full article.



Opportunities in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine World  Private Practice Section of the APTA  February 2010  impact feb 2010_small

A new article in our monthly magazine….The future is collaboration, not competition. I get pretty direct about some of PT’s collective shortfalls and encourage potential opportunities in “getting” along in the CAM world.

inthebox_smallThe article was originally requested for the next issue, the theme of which was “Outside the Box” PT. It got bumped for editorial reasons into the earlier issue, but they didn’t edit out the “out of the box” introduction.

Anyway, turns out the image to the left is what they used for the theme….Am I the only one that noticed he’s still “in the box“, not out of the box? All in good fun. Jeff Ostowski was the editor and is a wonderful professional. He tolerates my definitely out of the box thinking and ideas, but I did have to needle him a bit on this one!

Here’s the article.


Member Spotlight  Private Practice Section of the APTA  November 2009impactNov2009_small

A new feature in our monthly magazine… Matthew really enjoyed answering the questions and I hope to spark more conversation around what PT can become in the future. Here’s the article. 


PT Magazine Sept 2009 PTmagazineSept2009

Matthew’s CES presentation at APTA Annual meeting in Baltimore on introducing Mind~Body Rehab to Physical Therapy was highlighted to include a standing room only attendance….there’s an interest!  See the clipping here.



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Balance Through Yoga: An Integrative Approach Useful for PTs and Patients Alike

By Lisette Hilton       Lisette Hilton did a wonderful article for TodayinPT in November 2008. You can access the article at this link. Thank you Lisette!


relationalmovement ppt slidePrivate Practice Section of the APTA’s Audio Conference Librarypps-logo relational movement

On Sept 17, 2008 Matthew presented an audio conference “Relational Movement: Marketing for the 21st Century PT-based Wellness Services”.

Copies are available at www.ppsapta.org or call (800) 517-1167.


Matthew is featured in the APTA’s “PT Magazine” April 2ptmagcover 2008008 edition in an article on incorporating yoga and physical therapy. His > 10 yr history teaching yoga to rehab professionals and international leadership as president of the Intl Assoc of Yoga Therapists demonstrated the unique overlaps between the professions. You can read the article here.


LAYogaCover 2008


A short article in LA Yoga Magazine Sept 2007 Teachers Addition titled “Therapeutic Teaching” by John Kepner, Exec Dir of IAYT makes mention of the safety issues Matthew has championed as both an advisor and board member. Click here to view the article.


An important article by a colleague of Matthew’s, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, PhD of Stanford. Kelly is also the editor of the Intl Association of Yoga Therapy Journal, so we’ve worked together for years. In a conversation last winter we were discussing how modern life continues to strain the fabric of personal human interaction and social bonding. Out of that conversation she wrote this to include some of my experience with the topic as it relates to our health. Be sure to pass it on to others as she has given me full copyright permission to share. Read the article here.


In March 2007 LA Yoga  magazine Felicia Tomasko wrote about the increase in yoga injuries. You can read the article here.



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