Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT

Matthew J. Taylor PT, PhDIn this fourth career of retirement, I’m still working on the big picture systems and structural issues that hold so many of us back. Have you ever:

  • Felt like the system you were in is steadily restricting your practice preference?
  • Known that there must be a better way to implement practical, real world BPSS care?
  • Wondered if the stress of these incongruences was setting you up to eventually become a patient yourself?

Well if you have, you have a great deal of company!

I believe the vocation of rehabilitation is sacred work that ought to enliven all of those involved, while fueling creativity and sustainable outcomes.

Most of my work these days is providing support to individuals, organizations and task forces, but because I’m mostly retired, I have plenty of time to chat, help you find resources to address the concerns above or just make a new friend. Payback for the 40 yrs people did the same for me.

I am dedicated to supporting you in order to foster dignity, compassion and the fullest potential of the practices of rehabilitation now.

Let’s connect today!

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