The Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation Clinic, PLLC

Matt closed the clinic in the spring of 2016 when he and his wife left to care for her father at end of life. The clinic had opened in April of 2004 and for several years had a second clinic in downtown Phoenix. Over the years staff transitioned through as the clinic went to cash-based from commercial insurance in September of 2007, then dropped Medicare in April of 2013 as the cost  of collections exceeded the cost of services provided. The only equipment in the clinic was yoga blocks, mats, straps and open floor. The work focused on looking and sensing inward in order to move outward with integrity to the person. The company of such noble, brave people living with chronic, complex challenges is what Matt misses most these days.

After 41 years of work, Matt is now retired.  He’s still on the editorial board of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy (PubMed-indexed), has since written a book titled “Yoga Therapy as a Creative Response to Pain” released May 21, 2018, and consulted with health professionals and businesses on creativity in the work place, chronic pain, and mind/body health. He was particularly intrigued and challenged with his appointment to the ‘s Task Force for Non-pharmacological Pain Management and Opioid Addiction Care.

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